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Dr. Kendra Brown Mhoon

When I determined that I was in need of assistance taking care of my first child, Hilarie Rock eased the process of finding and hiring a nanny.

My husband had qualms about having a stranger in our home but even more qualms about a stranger taking care of our new defenseless child.  Hilarie was able to alleviate his fears with her professionalism and thoroughness in selecting nannies that met all of his criteria.  Until I met with Hilarie, I had not realized that I had a pre-set image of the “perfect” nanny.  Hilarie was able to help me vocalize that image and provided me with resumes of women that she felt were possible matches.  The second lady that I interviewed was “perfect” – It took less than a week for us to find our perfect match.  Our nanny has been with us now for almost four years, we have added a second child to our family, and she has been here to help us with all of our transitions.

The money that we spent on this nanny service was well worth it because our nanny has become a member of our family – Just what we wanted.  I know not everyone wants a member of the family, but I feel that Hilarie Rock can help any family find their “perfect” nanny!!!! I give Hilarie Rock’s agency the highest reference.

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